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McDonald: Hugh Alexander
May 12, 1921 – May 20, 2020

– son of William McDonald and Jean W. C. Horne
– brother of Margy, Joyce, Jackson, Stuart, Ken and Shirley
– husband of Jean Fee
– father of Jack, Jeany, Jim and Judy
– grandfather of nine
– great grandfather of nineteen
– great great grandfather of thirteen.

Marriage of 1941

Hughy was working at Vandyne
For Uncle Bob you see,
And that’s how he got to meet
The daughter of Sam Fee.

Now Hughy was riding Ginger
Romance was not in his card
But Ginger bolted the fence
And landed in Jean’s yard.

When Hughy was riding Ginger
Then Ginger took Jean’s eye
So if she wanted Ginger,
She’d have to marry the guy.

When Hughy popped the question
Jean jumped at the chance,
They got in Sam’s old Chrysler,
And rode off to the Empress Manse.

With Joyce and Lyle a lookin’ on
The minister tied the knot,
He pronounced them man and wife
Right there on the spot.

On returning from Empress
Mrs. Fee laid out the feast
Hughy’s relations of the west
Had to journey to th east.

After the feast was over
Cigars were passed around,
Uncle Ken helped himself to one
He couldn’t turn them down!

When he lit the cigar up
It’s too bad you couldn’t have seen,
How first Ken turned grayish white
And then yellowish green.

So then he rushed outside
Every one thought he was nuts
But all that he was doing
Was throwing up his guts.

Now four J’s later
With Judy in ‘48
No more children
Jean and Hughy shut the gate.

Then Hughy helped Keith Gordon
Move his stuff to Craigmyle one day,
And then he got a good job working
For Ray Branum right away.

Then Hughy got the chance
To get a farm of his own,
And so he secured it
When he got himself a loan.

Although they have worked hard
All through these many years,
Now when we look back
They’ve put in 50 years.

So when the sun is setting
Out here in the west,
After all these 50 years
Your friends wish you all the best.

author – Wm. Jackson McDonald

Card of Thanks

We would like to thank the ambulance attendants, Dr. Mdawe and the nurses at Hanna Hospital for their kindnesses shown to us. Thank you to Kim Walker from Maclean’s Funeral Home.

In lieu of flowers, if you so desire, donations may be made to 12 Mile Cemetery (aka MacGregor Cemetery), Box 662, Oyen, AB T0J 2J0 or STARS, Box 700, St M, Calgary, AB T2P 4Y3.